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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all – Maxine of Vanitygirl


Students taking photographs

Students being photographed with vanitygirlhollywood.com Maxine Tatlonghari at UCLA Extension class in Social Media (smmucla) in April, 2013.

Talk about energy… Maxine Tatlonghari  of Vanitygirlhollywood.com has more than enough to fill a room.  As a guest speaker in my UCLA extension Social Media Marketing class (smmucla) Maxine’s passion was infectious. Social Media success story, and hence an enthusiastic proponent, she started her company with a simple idea – a lighted mirror used in salons and television and movie studios – for home use. Amazingly she cornered the market and has had phenomenal growth.  But the buzz for vanitygirl mirrors is not about this simple concept. It’s about the world Maxine has created around it. She parlayed her extensive marketing experience into an ambiance of pampering. What I found intriguing is that she really only markets ONE THING. A LIGHTED MIRROR. That’s it – one that sits on the table, one that hangs on the wall, one that is part of a booth, with various accessories. But consumers who buy them are buying an idea – that they are the star of their own story. Maxine’s genius that she is that uses social media to reach out to a hungry audience that wants to look good and feel pampered, and she capitalizes on her gregarious nature to reach out and connect using the popular social media tools – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s a great example of how social media works to bring merchandise to market in a totally new way, by creating a whole world of connections to the “IDEA” of what vanity mirrors are. The connection to beauty, glamour, celebrity, Hollywood is alluring, especially in these lean times – so the simple act of installing a mirror that ‘reflects’ all that goodness, abundance and caring for oneself is – well pure genius. Vanitygirl makes you want to be part of that world of simple elegant luxury, every day when you look in the mirror, and reinforce that you are worth taking the time to take care of yourself, look your best, and be confident.

Two women

Meeting Maxine Tatlonghari of vanitygirlhollywood.com at Social Media Marketing class UCLA Extension, April 2013

So what does that mean to me? A writer, visual artist, and communications professional? Maxine gives a person the confidence to believe in your own voice – to be your own authentic self, to put yourself OUT THERE in the social media sphere consistently with enthusiasm and intelligence. Create your own ambiance – become the go-to expert on what you LOVE and want to be part of – GO FOR IT. Using verve, persistence and self confidence, put your thoughts on the screen, and get yourself seen for who you are.

Mirror Mirror on the wall – who’s the coolest, smartest, savviest one of all?  MAXINE!


Mirrors from Vanitygirlhollywood.com


Author: Linda Hubbard Lalande

Storyteller, myth maker, visual artist, intuitive dancer, meditator, chanter, yogini, spiritual devotee, incurable romantic, music lover. Communications professional, writer, photographer, nature lover, environmentalist, social media professional.

3 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all – Maxine of Vanitygirl

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  2. I really loved this article and I’m touched that you “got” my mission and expressed it so beautifully.

    Thank you!

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