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Little Deaths – an Easter poem

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One must cross the great water to see the Great Being … Six of swords shows a brave woman facing the unknown alone, traveling to a better place. She has gathered the swords to take with her symbolizing the new clarity and wisdom she will carry into her new life. She can now move beyond current limitations with less difficulty.

Little deaths every day
as friends join me on the path and move away
like waves passing as I ride the river
joining me in the boat for a transit then
Over the side passing away and I’m alone again
their swords left behind giving me tools to find truth
lessons learned wisdom gained
like water I cannot hold
grasping or giving way
Flowing clear powerful cleansing
I dance or drown it’s all the same
breathe into it through it lost or found
Tides flowing in and out
little deaths every day
every moment little births

Sailing though waters always unknown

Sailing though waters always unknown. Photo taken on San Francisco Bay, March 2015.


Author: Linda Hubbard Lalande

Storyteller, myth maker, visual artist, intuitive dancer, meditator, chanter, yogini, spiritual devotee, incurable romantic, music lover. Communications professional, writer, photographer, nature lover, environmentalist, social media professional.

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