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Soul Journey photo essay — witness to spirit of play


Late July brought the Muses (Maureen Cox and Madame Chandrala) to Sycamore Canyon Beach for a Shamanic Soul Journey. Reflections and images shared below give a taste of our sojourn. If you are interested in joining us for a fall foray into the woods, get in touch and watch this space unfold. 

Spirals and curves at Sycamore.

Spirals of ashe and sand.
Searching for sea glass
Roaming desert hills to
vistas broad above sea shore.
Tourquoise water with dolphins at play
Sunrise sunset glows
Dancing in waves of wind and water
Ocean’s power fills us
Women on the edge …

Mother Ocean gives and receives blessings.

Medicine cards by fireside reveal playful otter, loyal dog, peaceful swan
while Resonant whale beats the drum
Beats the heart
Moves with tides inner and outer, calm and clashing.
Crashing waves undulate
Carrying deep messages
Into open spirits
Waiting in the dusk
Blossoming in the first light
Shamanic voices echo in Sycamore Canyon
Ah ho grateful graceful
We bow to Mother Earth

Special thanks to Chris White and Anna Measures for their support and assistance on this Soul Journey campout. More stories of my solo journey into Sequoia are up next. Here’s a link to my previous post on the topic: Driven By Wonder and a Sense of Adventure, Solo Camping Draws Me In.

Here’s the flyer from this event.



Author: Linda Hubbard Lalande

Storyteller, myth maker, visual artist, intuitive dancer, meditator, chanter, yogini, spiritual devotee, incurable romantic, music lover. Communications professional, writer, photographer, nature lover, environmentalist, social media professional.

4 thoughts on “Soul Journey photo essay — witness to spirit of play

  1. I meant to say so grateful to have been part of the journey along with Linda and new and old friends.

  2. Thank you Linda😄 My favorite part was hiking with you up the mountain – it was wonderful to be out in nature~

  3. Congratulations for courageously following your radiant “InNeR LiGhT”…your BLISS, which ignites a vast resonance & fulfillment unlike, I believe, any of the more familiar acknowledgements, evaluations, client approval or peer recognition garnered through esteemable contributions accomplished in corporate, professional business arenas. For it is within that the inimitable, rare, magic of boundless vision & creativity born from higher awareness takes flight, No? From where standing in the full Truth of Self manifests the superlative, divine destiny!

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