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Enlighten your path with guidance from Madame Chandrala, Master Tarot Reader


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Experience tarot from a Jungian and Goddess perspective with Master Reader Madame Chandrala AKA Linda Hubbard Lalande. It’s no accident you’ve come across this site — the synchronicity of the Universe is conspiring to open the way to your authentic self. Madame Chandrala’s Oracular divination tools include the Goddess and Rider Waite decks, the Runes, and the I Ching. More than just an reader, Chandrala is a true intuitive healer.

  • Receive specific EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping scenarios and qigong exercises to enhance your emotional well being
  • Clear self sabotaging behaviors
  • Gain insights that would have taken you years sitting under a Banyan Tree
  • Uncover blocks to keep you from being who you truly want to be
  • Reclaim the Divine Feminine
  • Be inspired by the wisdom of the stories and images in this sacred ancient, oracular tradition

Services offered

  • 30 minute readings for $45
  • 60 minute readings for $80
  • 60 minute reading and 30 minute Inner Vision Collage creation $120. Create your own card for personal contemplation
  • 30 minute Rune readings for $35
  • Readings include intuited EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping scenarios and qigong exercises to enhance your emotional well being

Available for parties, workshops and other gatherings.
Readings are done in person, by phone or Skype. 


  • I spent an hour with Linda while reading tarot and I’m very impressed. She is very warm and inviting,  She knew right off whats going on in my life and more than this, she gave me not only answeres but wise advice on how to handle them. I believe she has a very beautiful gift. I’m going for my second reading asap! Blessings.
    ~ Judit K. Encino
  • “I can’t thank you enough for today, I felt sane again and like I really do know what I’m doing and I’m just afraid to do it.  I was going to ask you to be brutally honest and I feel like you were.  Everything you said was absolutely true and yet I didn’t want to hear it.  Thank you for being so supportive so that as much as I didn’t want to hear what you said, I had to hear it.
    You were spot on about everything. If anyone’s gifts are needed in the world, it’s yours.  You’re totally honest, you don’t beat around the bush and yet you do it with so much compassion and faith. Your faith made me have faith.   Thank you so much.
    I believe in you.  Go out there and rock the world.  Shine the light of truth wherever you go so that people can have something to hold on to. I feel there will be so much drastic change that many people will feel completely lost and confused.  They will need people like you.  Shine the light.  Shine your light.  It’s needed now more than ever.   God bless you!!!  Now and forever.”
    ~Alice H., West Hills, Calif.
  • “I had a wonderful experience creating and growing with you [reading and doing a collage] Chandrala. I truly recommend taking this beautiful journey to everyone who wants to reveal the INSIGHT within their own spirit, and witness a deeper understanding of who they are. It was a very moving and joyous experience. Best wishes for abundant success and Blessings! You are Amazing!”
    ~Valentine B., Group Event Participant, Hidden Hills, Calif. 
  • “The tarot reading I had with Chandrala was my first reading ever…and it was amazing! So spot on to the things happening in my life, very positive, and a really really fun experience. Also, very enlightening. She provides a warm and comfortable environment and really spends her time explaining everything to you. I would definirely recommend getting your tarot reading with her!!!
    ~Lauren M., Canoga Park
Higher Archana of the Goddess and Rider Waite decks
Madame Chandrala reading the Goddess Tarot.

Madame Chandrala reading the Goddess Tarot.

Herstory ~

Chandrala was trained by professor of Jungian Psychology and the I Ching, Dr. Hilary Anderson, of the California Institute of Integral Studies.

The title “Madame Chandrala” was bestowed upon her when she was a reader for the Siddha Yoga tour in 1983, when she had the honor of reading for Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. Gurumayi granted Chandrala permission to read in the ashram at that time. Chandrala was given her spiritual name by Baba Muktananda in 1981 – it means the moon goddess, the keeper of the mysteries and dark side of the moon, and the ultimate attainment of yoga. She’s been reading professionally since 1979. She holds an MFA in Fine Arts/Religious Studies/Sacred Dance at the University of Montana.

Chandrala draws on the ancient teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana Mindfulness, Vendanta, Kashmir Slavism, and Christianity as well as the Shamanic Native American traditions. She earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts/Religious Studies/Sacred Art from the University of Montana. There she married a local Native American, attended inner circles of Pow Wow ceremonies and was mentored by renowned scholar Joseph Epes Brown (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Epes_Brown) of The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk’s Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux fame. In her studies, she experienced first hand that though sacred art manifests in all traditional cultures, according to Brown, they are all ‘paths that lead to the same summit.” She discovered in her thesis that the urge to make art was a need to express an inner spiritual awareness. As a graduate student, she became fascinated by the sacred art that was at the mystical heart of all traditions and began her study of sacred dance. Her first dance mentor was Joseph’s wife, Elenita Brown, who introduced her to the concept of duende (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duende_(art)) through Gypsy dance. She went on to study many forms of sacred dance, from ancient Indian Bharata Natayam to contemporary Contact Improv and Christian Liturgical dance.


Chandrala introducing her daughter Rakshita aka Emily Kate to Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, head of the Siddha Yoga Lineage in the early 1990’s.

In the early 1980’s she took a life-changing 4-month pilgrimage to India, visiting the ashrams of Muktananda, Nityananda, Satya Sai Baba, the Maha Madaleshwar, Janeshwar and many more.

Chandrala’s enlivened heart has held ceremonies with and learned healing arts directly from Black Elk’s grandson, Walter, and the Intertribal Grandmothers; many traditional Tibetan monks, Native American, Tibetan and South American Shamans, as well as Brahmin priests. Chandrala studied and taught at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where she was mentored by Dr. Hilary Anderson in Jungian Tarot and the I Ching. She also taught intuitive drawing, writing and movement at her studio, Kala Kendra, at the Oakland Siddha Yoga Ashram, where she lived for five years.


The luminary ceramic artist Beatrice Wood was a favorite client.

Chandrala is a committed meditator, healer, qigong and yoga practitioner, chanter, writer, poet, photographer and Soul Collage Tarot creator. She is a practicing visual and performance artist, participating in Christian prayerful dance, ecstatic trance dance and Shamanic ceremony. She brings a creative whimsy to the serious practice of meditation and spirituality.

She now takes private tarot clients and art students at her home studio in Woodland Hills, where for many years she has held a Siddha Yoga chanting and meditation group on the first Thursday of every month.

Visit Linda’s professional writing site at:


Higher Archana of the Goddess and Rider Waite decks



7 thoughts on “Enlighten your path with guidance from Madame Chandrala, Master Tarot Reader

  1. You’re helping so many with your gifts…thank you for sharing your intuitive insights with us! You are needed 🙂

  2. Excellent breath of work, honey!💜

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